The evil inclination tries to destroy a person saying ”there

Allergic to Evil: When she senses the coming of Crimson Miroku in Episode 5, Iris comes down with a high fever and ends up screaming in pain when she surfaces completely. Alternate Continuity: To the game series and the other OVAs. Armor Piercing Slap: A non humourous example. Sakura receives one from Sumire at the end of the first episode after wrecking the Kobu. A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: In the 1st episode; if Sakura had simply waited for the other members of the Hanagumi to calm down after accidentally ruining their play like Yoneda suggested instead of just rushing in and trying to apologize, things probably would have gone a lot more smoothly. Birthday Episode: Episode 12 focuses on Sakura and the others trying to throw Iris the first real birthday party she’s ever had. Darker and Edgier: Compared to the video games, especially the first few episodes. Demoted to Extra: Sakura is the main protagonist of the show. Ogami, the protagonist of the first four games, doesn’t even appear at all until the fourth episode. Fan Disservice: Anything related to Crimson Miroku after she’s Back from the Dead. It’s extremely unsettling to see her with her robes open, her hair down, a crazy look in her eyes. Neck Lift: In the 1st episode, Maria performs one on Sakura, though she picks her up by the front of her kimono rather than her actual neck. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: On her first day, Sakura gets off on the wrong foot with the other members of the Hanagumi, and her attempts to patch things up with the others just end up making the situation worse until the end of the episode, where, after one screw up too many, Sumire kicks her out of the troop entirely. By the end of the next episode, however, Sakura proves herself to the others and is accepted back. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Had that Wakiji not attacked Tokyo in the second episode, Sakura wouldn’t have been able to prove herself to be capable of helping defend Tokyo and wouldn’t have been accepted back into Flower Division. The Ophelia: Miroku becomes this when she’s revived by Satan Aoi. Spared by the Adaptation: Ayame, mainly due to her not making a Face Heel Turn here.

When we are freak on something, let’s say a simple football team or a TV show, or simply in habits we can not quit, we are getting slaves of it. There will be times when all become the master of our bodies rather being the slaves to bodily that urges to destroy us. The evil inclination tries to destroy a person saying ”there is no hope” ”you can not quit smoking” Do we really face a dangerous threat when smoking? The response is yes. Some people tend being susceptible to sadness and depression. When a person learns how to depend on God, the life becomes pleasurable. There is no such thing as despair for a person who has faith, self control and determination. Have someday you ever dreamed of real success? Quit smoking might be one of the priority goals in life, Imagine that you drink a glass of milk with poison, if you do not get a quick medical help you might be death; in the same proportion, different periods, the nicotine is a very powerful insecticide, acting slowly in your body.

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