My 11yo son get to do the ”The Power of Doing Good”

a good way to give back

Replica Stella McCartney bags Hi David, Rafy here from Manila. That’s so true at no. 2 That there are people who made the relationship stronger and build friendship as we cover stories, like the ”Operation Valentines”, made a huge impact to our local communities. From Tree planting to the clean up, feeding programs, and a whole lot more. When we did the ”footloose” dance on our 5th anniversary last 2011, the spirit of journalism flows through each one of us. My 11yo son get to do the ”The Power of Doing Good”, because of his exposure to CNN iReporters events and activities here in Manila headed by Sir Sherbien Dacalanio and Sir Vince Avena. I am So Proud to be here and be a part of The Team. We are on out 6th year altogether making an impact! See you soon David! Replica Stella McCartney bags

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