For this era’s successor, see The Renaissance Age of Animation

But the first song, the scene where a child Jakie is singing in a club, is dubbed very very badly. I Have No Son: In both versions, but much sillier in the remake. Mythology Gag: Neil Diamond wearing blackface so he can sing with an R group is a nod to Al Jolson’s blackface routine in the original. However, Eastern European Animation also brought us Gene Deitch’s Tom and Jerry shorts in the 1960s, which were interesting to say the least.Animation Age Ghetto is a trope that has its roots firmly planted in this era, due to a growing emphasis on conservative values from the 50′s onward that led to Moral Guardians attacking anything that they didn’t consider child friendly. Check it out to see the full impact of this era on the typical viewer’s idea of a cartoon nowadays.Chances are whenever you see a parody of this era or something that was made during it, it’s either a Take That! or an Affectionate Parody at the least.For this era’s successor, see The Renaissance Age of Animation (which lasted from the 1980s through the early 2000s).The Alvin Show: The original 1960s series of Alvin and the Chipmunks.The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanAmerican Pop: A drama film by Ralph Bakshi that came out at the end of the Dark Age.Archies TV FunniesBambi Meets Godzilla: One of The 50 Greatest Cartoons.The Banana SplitsBanjo the Woodpile Cat: Don Bluth’s first solo project, which showed some light at the end of the very dark tunnel this era of animation was. A few years later, he would quit Disney and form his own animation company, which would fuel the animation renaissance..

Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Dr. Andonuts, eventually. Gayngst: Dr. The army also changed from a citizen levy to a professional force; being a soldier would be a full time occupation. The property requirements for joining the army were dropped; soldiers would be paid and provisioned by their commander, or later, the state. The equipment was standardized, with all legionaries issued the gladius sword, a large shield (scutum), body armor made of chainmail, scales, or (later) segmented plate, a helmet, and javelins. A God Am I: Ray Zeal declares himself the God of Murder and Torture and Pain, and furthermore states his intention to kill off every other god so that he can be the world’s only god. A Day in the Limelight: The third book The Queen of Swords, focuses on Maude, her ancestor Anne Bonny and the order, ”The Daughters of Lilith” that they belong to. Action Girl: Maude and her daughter Constance, who come from a long line of pirates and assassins.

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