Chivalrous Pervert: Certain dialogue options let you portray

Sometimes this is simply an opportunist taking up the unused mantle; sometimes, it involves a Retcon establishing the guise as a preexisting character. Laura Holt concoct a fictitious male employer to head her detective agency and thus appease chauvinist expectations of potential customers only for an anonymous rogue to hijack the identity (and thus the agency) himself.See also Invented Individual and Fake Real Turn. Result of the same motivation as the Legacy Character. Little Miss Snarker: Little Sally has shades of this. Load Bearing Boss: Cladwell again. Love at First Sight / Love at First Note: Bobby and Hope are immediately attracted to one another, but it’s not until they sing ”Follow Your Heart” that they’re in love. Armor Piercing Slap: At the end of the episode, Lois marches up to Bet a Million Butler, declares, ”Now it’s my turn to blow up!” and slaps him hard enough to jolt his head backwards. The Bet: The Hostage Situation was set off by Bet a Million Butler making a gamble with another man that he could control Superman for thirty minutes. Of course, he lost.

Hermes Replica Bags An Argon suicide bomber blows up the Torus Aeternal, killing millions instantly, then millions more as the debris rains down on Earth. The Terrans retaliate, then the Argon deploy reverse engineered Von Neumann ships (Xenon) against the Solar System. Every Terran station houses at least tens of thousands of people, so the Argon are committing atrocities with every station they blow up. However, every use of it on the same item causes the next re roll on that item to cost more. Enemies will not notice you immediately and can take a few seconds to spot you, and even in combat they don’t magically know your exact location at all times, and in cover rich areas it’s possible to sneak behind them while they’re busy firing at your last known location. At the same time, they can see perfectly fine through obstructions such as fog and smoke which block your own line of sight. Hermes Replica Bags

Wholesale Replica Bags Later she dresses as a Joshikousei. Bastard Girlfriend: In the manga, Maya to Akiko. Eventually manipulating the poor girl to murder her entire family. Chivalrous Pervert: Certain dialogue options let you portray Riou as one. Climax Boss: In addition to being a massive boss battle that involves fighting him in a strategic military battle, then three times in succession with different parties, then again in a one on one dual, the boss fight with Luca Blight serves as the climax to the first part of the plot, since everything you’ve done up until that point was focused on stopping him specifically. Clingy Jealous Girl: Nina, toward Flik, especially when she (falsely) suspects that Nanami may be a rival for his love. Continuity Porn: As you might expect from a fangame, references to the Ace Attorney series are everywhere. Courtroom Antics: As if we’d have it any other way. Credits Gag: Every member of the cast is credited with a nickname, from ”Master Baguette” to ”The Thousand Voices” Wholesale Replica Bags.

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