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Toronto is filled with heartache and grief this morning after the senseless mass shooting on the Danforth. The trauma to the victims and their families is unimaginable. Today, hold those you love close. Plants grown close to home are varieties that will thrive in your area. They haven’t been stressed by traveling long distances, and they haven’t been left on pavement in punishing sun. Further, when you buy directly from a grower at a local farm or farmers market, you will receive expert advice on where and how to plant your purchases, which leads to lush plants and delicious produce..

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(Source: Abhijit Bhaduri/Flickr

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You can learn more about Dr. John Grohol here. Yip Speaks on Border Crisis Its Impact on ChildrenShould You Try TMS (rTMS) for Depression?Might Depression Be Linked to One of These Popular Medications?Anthony Bourdain Taught Us To Appreciate Our DifferencesKate Spade Worried What People Would Say if They Found Out Her Secret: DepressionPsychotherapy Myths: Therapy Can Treat Serious Mental IllnessWhat a Group Home Like? This First Person Account Will Open Your Eyes9 Ways to Work Through Your Next Fight About MoneyHelicopter Parenting: Encourage Your Child Free Range Freedom InsteadSeroquel, Atypical Antipsychotics for Insomnia, Dementia?Psych Central Supports National School Walkout EnoughIntroducing A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic this , and a PodcastWho Will Protect the Psychologists Therapists?Why So Angry Irritable? It Might Be DepressionAnother School Shooting, Another Week in AmericaAm I Depressed or Just Lazy?Super Bowl Babies: More Boy Births 9 Months Later?Schizophrenia Prevalence: Fear Mongering, Fake News the NIMHWhat Does Trump MoCA Cognitive Test Really Tell Us?Why You Shouldn Give Up on Your New Year ResolutionsAssessing a President Mental HealthThe Surprising Sexuality of (Male) GamersGaming Disorder Now Real? Why You Shouldn Get Your Health News from ForbesMerry Christmas 2017ADHD is Real (Like All Mental Disorders Are)Coping with Bipolar Disorder Depression Around the HolidaysShould You Let Your Doctor Monitor Your Medication Intake?How to Deal with a Passive Aggressive PersonWoman as Lab Rats: Orgasm in an fMRI MachineThe Psych Central Show Podcast is a WEGO Health Award WinnerTop 25 Psychiatric Medications for 2016Want to Die? Call 911 Hold a Closed Multi Purpose ToolThe Psychology of Conspiracy Theories: Why Do People Believe Them?Recommendations for Reporting on Mental Health Mental IllnessMedical Marijuana for Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Mental Illness: Can It Help?Mental Health the Psychology of Surviving a HurricaneMindfulness for the Rest of UsHurricane Irma: A Chance to Lock up the Homeless in MiamiFeeling Lonely at CollegeWhy I Wouldn Take Google Depression TestPsychology Today Promotes Its Own Trump Fake NewsTAO Connect: What if a Computer Could Help You with Psychotherapy, Alter Your Habits?Your Brain is Not a ComputerWhy WebMD Should Run Away from Internet Brands/KKR DealThe Blue Whale Challenge is Real , Sad, FrighteningScreening Tests Don Diagnose PeopleSecret Documents: Facebook Appears to Put Features, Profit Above Users SafetyIs Suicide Contagion Real? Older EntriesThe Most Personal Question You Can Ask Someone.

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