Leviticus, Live in Concert at Valhall, Skövde 2011.


  1. fred hill says:

    Bjorn Stigsson… thank you for your inspiration and your songs. Håkan Andersson… I love your voice.. its pure rock. Kjell Andersson… are you and Håkan brothers ? I love you guys. I shall Conquer and The Strongest Power are my favorites. My favorite song is Saved. Speaking of which.. I got saved in 1985.. and now I’m 44 and I still love you guys. New album in the works ?? From everything that is in me.. thanks many times over. your music echos through my mind whenever temptation is near. Jesus is coming soon. AND I DO MEAN VERY SOON. So in the mean time.. put something out there nice and HEAVY METAL. I LOVE ROCK THAT POUNDS .I believe you guys are far from done musically. May God bless you and keep you.

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